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September 8th, 2016 by J

It’s no longer a surprise finding these Asian babes, yes even these Hollywood stars, hooking up with white meat as these white men do have a lot of Asian bitches in their black book too. But we still get shocked to find leaked naughty videos especially if it’s on someone we might not expect to come out like Kelly Hu. I mean, well, she does look like the type who’s got a bunch of skeleton in her closet but it’s still cool discovering them and this kinky sex tape is just one of her collections. Watch her enjoy this hardcore fuck session as she gets that wet pussy finger-banged, eaten, and fucked rough. She gives one hell of a blowjob too, making her man spray his juice all over her naked self.

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April 17th, 2016 by J

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Kelly Hu likes hooking up with her foreign friends and doing wild things together. She enjoys these activities more if she’s have two dicks to suck and fuck because it means more spunk to swallow. Watch this three way fuck video where Hu got her dose of white cocks and sticky jizz.

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August 12th, 2010 by LimaBean

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For this post, Kelly Hu Nude takes another step further with these fully-naked and explicit images of your favorite Asian actress. This Oriental hottie has been labeled as promiscuous by the media ever since she showed her beautiful naked body as the sorceress Cassandra in the action movie The Scorpion King. These nude photos showing her whole body with nothing to hide proves they were right. If you want to see more Kelly Hu nude photos, just click on the link. Look at some samples below to get your first look at her sweet pussy being pounded on by some lucky stud’s dick!

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Kelly Hu is a fourth-generation American with Chinese-Filipino-Hawaiian and English ancestry. This voluptuous babe is a former Miss Teen USA, and modeled in Japan and Italy for several months before deciding to relocate to Los Angeles and try her hand at show business. She got her break on television’s Growing Pains and never looked back. Just look and admire her smooth nakedness and hot body all you want.

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March 18th, 2010 by LimaBean

Dildos and other pussy toys must be a huge demand in Asian countries, what with disgruntled Asian chicks constantly looking for far better ways to get an orgasm other than trying to get off with an Asian man’s tiny dick. Now you know what drives them westward. Anyway, Kelly Hu must’ve had some bad times with Asian men and their penises too, because she’s here finishing the job herself. And I don’t blame her; sometimes, nobody knows you better than yourself, and you’ve just got to stick your own hand in to make sure you’re satisfied. Which is precisely what Kelly Hu is doing, getting herself closer to orgasm by rubbing her pussy and sliding a dildo up and down her snatch.

But I’ve got a better suggestion for Kelly Hu, and that’s for her to come over to my place and get some real action with a real big cock waiting for her. Orgasm rates with me are, well, orgasmic, and if she’s not satisfied the first time, the second try is free. I’m sure you’d like to offer yourself up to Kelly Hu and her amazingly tight pussy (which remains tight because she hasn’t had any real cocks ramming her), so why don’t you go on ahead and introduce yourself with these pictures of Kelly Hu masturbating and rubbing her pussy?

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March 18th, 2010 by LimaBean

The only movie I remember seeing Kelly Hu in was in X-Men 2: The Last Stand, where she played Wolverine’s female counterpart, Lady Deathstrike. While Logan had the raw and rabid power of being indestructible, Kelly Hu’s character was more graceful, but still pretty lethal. The scene was a pretty fair match, since they both had regenerative powers, and it was the first time Wolverine faced off against a mutant with adamantium claws–or in her case, fingernails–too. But I’m no hardcore X-Men fan; I only saw the movies and just remembered it because I thought she looked hot in that scene.

I’m not too sad that Kelly Hu didn’t show too much flesh in that film, because at least I’ve got these sideboob pictures of her to compensate. But why show these tame sideboob pictures of Kelly Hu when I know I’ve got tons other of smuttier, more naked pictures of her? I guess I’m just out to point the fact that, sometimes, the hint of more flesh peeking from the side of a celebrity chick’s dress still makes me horny. The titty preview Kelly Hu gives us is kind of a prologue to wilder things that are to come later, say, having a grab at those titties, or even sticking your cock up Kelly Hu’s pussy. You can never tell.

So before I end this badly segued post about X-Men and Kelly Hu’s tits, let me draw your attention to Kelly Hu’s naked and skanky celebrity pictures.

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March 18th, 2010 by LimaBean

The best thing about fucking an Asian–and an Asian celebrity, no less–is that these horny orientals love to just let it all out and make the horniest noises ever. The Japanese, especially, if you’ve seen their porn, squeal, moan, grunt, coo, and practically make every noise conceivable while they’re being hammered by those pervy looking Japanse men. Too bad them Japs have tiny little wenises that I’m sure 50% of those Asian chicks’ moans are more of a morale booster than actual sex sounds. Anyway.

Here’s Kelly Hu, one of Hollywood’s resident Orient Hottie, turning Japanese with these horny cumshot and facial photos that are sure to make even the most straight edge WW2 veterans yank their cocks out and forget them Japs ever pissed on world history. Well, technically speaking, Kelly Hu is part Chinese, but when you’re ready to cover Kelly Hu’s body in cum after fucking her hairy pussy raw and pulling out, or when her face is worked up in eager, horny anticipation for a full-on cum facial, then all ethnic diatribes and technicalities are lost for the pleasure of seeing a hot celebrity chick get jizzed. Couple that with the tiny Asian whimpers and moans Kelly Hu lets out, and you’re one satisfied customer. So take out the chopsticks and the rubber band, and check out more pictures of Kelly Hu getting a facial.